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World Environment Day - June 5th 2020

Friday, June 05, 2020 1:53pm

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Both Northgate and Greenwith Centres have a strong stance on sustainability, each centre has their own "Green Team" that ensures that this is instilled into everyday practice. 

Today, June 5th, is World Environment Day and the Northgate centre has been busy creating art, sensory displays, visual displays, reading books and reminding children in general that the future state of the world is reliant on each generation looking after what we have left and trying to improve upon the damage that has already been done. 

Our Kindy room focused on Animals and Habitat, creating sensory displays and explaining that large areas of habitat are being destroyed or becoming smaller due to deforestation, pollution or global warming and  explaining areas in which we can help stop that. 

Our Pre School room discussed the importance of the humble, hard working Bee and how it helps to pollinate, not only flowers, but various crops for people to eat. 

Mini Toddlers have read books like "Change Starts with Us" which depicts small things that we can do that will make a big difference to the world. 

It is good to remember that what we instill in our children now will carry through their lives, even the smallest hands can change the world! 

Posted by Northgate & Greenwith at 1:53pm

"We acknowledge that we are gathered here today on the land of the Kaurna People. We would like to pay our respects to the elders who hold such a deep connection to this land, it's waterways and creatures, it's history and it's future."