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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Our educational programs support school readiness through play based learning, offering children experiences that incorporate a focus on: 

science, technology, engineering and mathematical (STEM) skills. 

Our children have access to touch screen computers that support programs to enhance numeracy, literacy, shape and colour recognition. Educators use iPads to source ideas for research projects and download various educational videos that scaffold children's curiosity. 

Children's interests are further developed through experiences in the expressive arts - use of natural materials in paints sculptures and collage, properties of materials and mixing, symmetry and pattern, Cooking -source of ingredients, machines for the process, measuring, chemical changes to ingredients, Sensory play - Sand/water play, properties of materials, displacement, simple machines - funnels, sand wheels, categorising  grouping and pattern, Construction - design of structures using blocks, engineering for stability, inclines and simple machines, geometry, measurement via direct comparison and Music - vibration and sound waves, loud and soft, measurement, counting.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills

These skills are developed through story telling, access to story books, lending library, and iPads. Letters and sounds (using jolly phonics which supports schools in the area), number recognition, sorting and counting experiences all of which promote school readiness. 

Activities to support daily living

Our children lean to clean personal spaces, open/close backpacks/lunchboxes, independent toileting skills, personal hygiene skills, dressing skills (zippers, buttons, laces, socks and shoes) etiquette around nose wiping and coughing.


Our play based programs have a prominent focus on numbers, shapes, patterns sorting and matching. 

Social and Emotional

Children are encouraged to work in small groups collaboratively with their peers to develop the following skills: Understanding feelings, sharing and turn taking techniques, independence, emotional maturity, social and conflict resolution skills. 

Physical Development

Children's core strength, endurance and gross motor skills are supported through engagement in our purpose  built outdoor environments. 

Fine motor skills are supported through many experiences in our indoor and outdoor environments through engagement in painting, writing, cutting, threading, using tweezers and play dough. 

Art Design and Music

Children have access to musical instruments, role play, painting, dress up, model making, movement/dance and puppets. 

"We acknowledge that we are gathered here today on the land of the Kaurna People. We would like to pay our respects to the elders who hold such a deep connection to this land, it's waterways and creatures, it's history and it's future."