Northgate - 136 Folland Ave, Northgate SA 5085 - 08 8369 2999
Greenwith - 1699 Golden Grove Road, Greenwith SA 5125 - 08 8289 7311


 Northgate/Greenwith Day Care

Both Centres are committed to teaching our children to be environmentally responsible.

We believe that sustainability in early childhood education is an important part of the curriculum and should be incorporated into each day.

We have a Green team who are responsible for ensuring sustainable practices are carried out throughout the building.

All our Educators  role model practices that encourage sustainability through recycling, water conservation, electricity usage and includes:

  • Educators teaching children to care for the environment
  • Recycling water from water play into the gardens
  • Emptying the children's drinking bottles onto the garden
  • Utilising centre water tanks for watering garden beds
  • Turning off lighting when playing outside
  • Educating children about worm farms
  • Educating children about growing vegetables/ fruit trees and using these resources in our cooking experiences
  • Encouraging children to participate in recycling programs (recycling bins for cardboard, plastic and paper) and encourage them to develop new strategies for recycling materials (using donated materials for art and craft).
  • Using technology  to efficiently communicate with families regarding Centre events, newsletters & children’s portfolios, to reduce the amount of paper required.
  • Providing recycling charity bins for families to donate unwanted items for reuse.

"We acknowledge that we are gathered here today on the land of the Kaurna People. We would like to pay our respects to the elders who hold such a deep connection to this land, it's waterways and creatures, it's history and it's future."