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Greenwith - 1699 Golden Grove Road, Greenwith SA 5125 - 08 8289 7311

Educator Qualifications

Whilst our Educators are suitably qualified and skilled in providing the environment in which our philosophies are implemented, knowledge of the latest research and practices is not overlooked. The ongoing professional development undertaken by all our Educators ensures our staff are kept up to date with advances in Early Child Care Education and Care, improve skills and practices, motivate and inspire and therefore enhancing the positive development of the children in their care.

Our Educators are comprised of a variety of ages and cultural backgrounds with varying qualifications. This assists in diversifying our programs and practices and ensures they remain engaging and stimulating. Furthermore, our Educators are friendly and have a genuine love for children. On any given day, you will notice that the children are very fond of their carers as a mutual friendship is manifested by the Educators nurturing and the children feeling safe. Please visit our testimonial page for an insight into the quality of our Educators.

Amanda Robey and her family have owned and operated the Greenwith Early Learning Centre since 1994 and the Northgate Early Learning Centre since 2003. Amanda has been the Director of both Centres since their openings and prior to this owned and operated the Hope Valley Child Care Centre form 1985.

Amanda has a vast many years of experience in providing high quality Care and Education in a Centre based setting. She is a qualified teacher holding a Diploma of Education and carefully selects her Educators who will uphold her philosophy and maintain her high standards in all aspects of Child Care. Amanda attends both Centres throughout the week and is always available to provide support to families and mentoring to Educators.

Both Centres have a full time Assistant Director, Jackie Hughes at Northgate Early Learning Centre and Elizabeth Russell at Greenwith Early Learning Centre. Both Educational Leaders have worked in their respective Centres since their openings and provide invaluable support to families, staff and Management.

Each of the children’s rooms is supervised by a Team Leader / Coordinator who oversees the daily running of the room and possesses a Diploma in Child Care. All Educators possess a minimum Certificate 3 in Children’s Services and in many cases, are undergoing further study to increase their qualifications to become compliant with the National Quality Framework.

Both Centres participate in the Federal Government’s Universal Access Scheme whereby Preschool children in the year before they start school will receive 15 hours of quality Educational Programs per week delivered by a teacher. All our onsite teachers possess a 4 year Bachelor of Education degree.

"We acknowledge that we are gathered here today on the land of the Kaurna People. We would like to pay our respects to the elders who hold such a deep connection to this land, it's waterways and creatures, it's history and it's future."