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KeptMe Program Northgate/Greenwith Day Care

KeptMe Program

To enable you to keep updated with your child’s learning & development, our Centres use an E portfolio called KeptMe.

As technology evolves kept me is a safe online platform that allows Educators to capture moments throughout your child’s day and save them directly to your child’s story file.

Each room throughout the Centres are equipped with an iPad to capture moments of play and development for each child. All parents using our Centres have access to the KeptMe free portfolio.

When your child commences care, you will be asked to supply email addresses for up to two people and once this information is put into our system both parties will automatically be sent an invitation to join the program.

Through this on-line portfolio you will be able to view images / videos / stories & have the ability to message your child’s Educator adding your comments or likes to your child’s learning journey.

KeptMe also offers upgrades to families for a small cost per month, which then enables them to share moments with up to four extended family members, a great idea for family members living abroad or interstate.

Each day your child is in care the Educators will send you at least one notification about your child’s day. This may be an  individual moment  ( photo / video / story ) about your child or an overview of a special event that has captured the groups learning for the day ( daily event ). This communication is an excellent way to inform families of what has happened throughout the day and can prompt children to talk about their day .

An additional feature of KeptMe allows our baby rooms to send baby's daily care information at the end of each session. Food and bottle intake, sleep times and general are details are readily available on your device. 

We have found KeptMe to be an excellent tool to keep Educators, parents and children connected at anytime of the day and provide reassurance and peace of mind that your child is enjoying their learning journey at childcare.

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